Main System Rules

Into the darkness uses a D percentile system. Basically each action has a percent chance of success. The game counts up from 1 to 100. Each roll is modified by a variety of factors including, distance, race, size, gear, skill etc.

For instance, an attack roll has base chance of hitting a medium creature at close range of 50% so an attack roll that gets a 1-50 hits. Well, lets say the target of the attack is instead at medium range. the range penalty for medium range is 10 so now you have a chance of hitting the target with your attack of only 40%.

Modifiers DO NOT STACK with modifiers of the SAME TYPE. so an AI bonus to a hack check will not stack with another AI bonus. A soldier cannot pile scopes on his weapon to modify his range penalty beyond the first scope.

Percent modifiers to stats, Powers, and weapon damage are added together before being applied. For instance: if a 500 health character has a 25% bonus to health, a 15% bonus to health, and a 25% bonus from armor mods, you add the modifiers together and get 65%. A character with 500 base health with a 65% bonus has 825 health.

Main System Rules

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