Combat is fought in turns, each lasting 6 seconds, so that 10 turns take a minute. A character can take two half-turn actions and a free action.

Actions in Combat

Semi-Auto shot: Half-turn action, a single shot from your firearm.
Burst shot: Half-turn action, a burst of shots fired from your firearm.
Full-Auto: Full-turn action, You hold down the trigger for a turn, firing a large number of shots.
Power: Half-turn action, You use a one of your powers.
Move: Half-turn action, You move your speed.
Draw weapon or item: Half-turn action, You draw an item from your combat pack, or armor.
Melee: Half-turn action. You strike quickly with the butt of your gun, Omni Blade or Biotic blast.
Heavy melee: Full-turn action. You focus and launch a devastating assault with a melee weapon.
Reload: Half-turn action. You put a fresh thermal clip into your firearm.
Throw item: Half-turn action. You throw a grenade, turret or other item.
Combat Manoeuvres: Half-turn action


Effects are disabling conditions which can modify a character’s actions or behaviors.

Attack Roll


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