Tag: Weapon Class


  • Assault Rifle

    Assault Rifles are the most common firearm on the battlefield. the main small arms of every armed force in the galaxy. [[Range]] Increment: Short: 15M, Medium: 30M Long: 60M Extreme 120M

  • Submachine Gun

    Submachine guns are close range, high rate of fire weapons designed to be light, portable and deadly. Usually used by non-front line troops, security guards, and assassins. [[Range]] Increment: Short: 10M, Medium: 20M Long: 40M Extreme 80M

  • Shotgun

    Shotguns are high damage weapons that shred enemies with a blast of pellets at close range. Used for hunting and for CQC. [[Range]] Increment: Short: 5M, Medium: 10M Long: 20M Extreme 40M

  • Pistol

    Heavy Pistols are incredibly versatile weapons. The heavier pistols usually deal enough damage to be worth the trade off, while the lighter models can be taken as a reliable backup weapon without significantly affecting cooldowns. There are also some …

  • Sniper Rifle

    Sniper rifles are precision weapons designed to take out enemies at long ranges. [[Range]] Increment: Short: 20M, Medium: 40M Long: 80M Extreme 160M