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  • Main System Rules

    [[Home Page | Into the darkness]] uses a D percentile system. Basically each action has a percent chance of success. The game counts up from 1 to 100. Each roll is modified by a variety of factors including, distance, race, size, gear, skill etc. For …

  • Skills

    h4. Skills Skills start with a base 50% chance of success modified by racial bonuses or penalties, difficulty , gear and by advancing the skill through experience. (the maximum chance of success after all factors are totaled is 95% the minimum chance …

  • Gear

    h4. [[Weapons]] h4. [[Weapon Mod]] h4. [[Ammunition]] h4. [[Armor]] h4. [[Armor Mod]] h4. [[Tactical Equipment]] h4. [[Vehicles]]

  • Powers

    h4. Rules h4. Key Terms [[Recharge Time]] [[Seeking]] [[Biotic]] [[Tech]] [[Detonation]]

  • Recharge Time

    Powers create amazing effects but drain a lot of energy. The Recharge time of powers is the number of turns before you can use the power again after Using the power. Recharge time starts the turn you use the power, Recharge time starts at the end of the …

  • Seeking

    Seeking powers ignore the target's cover modifier. But they Can be evaded by the [[Dodge]] [[Combat Manoeuvre]].

  • Combat Manoeuvre

    Combat manoeuvres are actions that can be undertaken during combat. [[Dodge | Dodge]] [[Combat Throw]] [[Combat Trip]]

  • Biotic

    *From the Mass Effect Wikia*: "Biotics is the ability for some lifeforms to create mass effect fields using Element Zero nodules embedded in body tissues. These powers are accessed and augmented by using bio-amps. Biotic individuals can knock enemies over …

  • Detonation

    After a target is primed by a power, a second attack by a Detonator power will cause an explosion. A detonation causes 500 damage to the direct target it hits and 250 damage in a 1 meter Radius.

  • Knockback

    A character who is knocked back is launched straight back away from the source of the knockback. The distance is determined by the effect.

  • Slow

    A slowed character can only move a portion of his speed each move action he spends, the effect which generated the slow determines the exact level of detriment.

  • Freeze

    A frozen enemy cannot act for 3 turns. On the first turn it ceases to act on the second it falls over and stays down for one further turn.

  • Fear

    A terrified character cannot act, and flees to the nearest cover. The length of the status is determined by the effect which generated it.

  • Assault Rifle

    Assault Rifles are the most common firearm on the battlefield. the main small arms of every armed force in the galaxy. [[Range]] Increment: Short: 15M, Medium: 30M Long: 60M Extreme 120M

  • Submachine Gun

    Submachine guns are close range, high rate of fire weapons designed to be light, portable and deadly. Usually used by non-front line troops, security guards, and assassins. [[Range]] Increment: Short: 10M, Medium: 20M Long: 40M Extreme 80M

  • Priming

    Priming [[Powers | powers]] set up a [[Detonation | Detonation]]. If a [[Detonating]] Power of the same type ([[Biotic | Biotic]], [[Tech | Tech]], [[Fire]], [[Cryo]])

  • Fire

    Fire powers Burn or incinerate their targets, sometimes having the [[Fear | Fear]] Status effect.

  • Cryo

    Cryo [[Powers | Powers]] [[Freeze | Freeze]] their targets and can apply the [[Slow | Slow]] status.

  • Range

    The range from the attacker to his target plays a role in his chance to hit. Each Step up the Range Increment chart decreases the attacker's chance to hit. Range * Short: +20% * Medium: No Change * Long: -20% * Extreme: -40%

  • Critical Hit

    Every weapon has a critical hit ratio. Basically this is the percent chance that a gun has of achieving a headshot, this increases damage done to the target. Upon making an [[Attack Roll]] you first determine whether or not the attack was a success and …

  • Attack Roll

    Attacks are resolved in combat by using D% dice. Each attack has a chance to hit based on factors like [[Cover]] [[Range | Range]] and Target [[Size]]. Compare the roll to the target number. if the roll is lower than the target number, at least one of …

  • Weight

    Weight is a measure of how much the weight of a weapon affects the recharge time of powers. You add all the weight ratings together to determine how many turns of recharge penalty your powers have. EX: a weapon with a weight of 2 increases the recharge …

  • Ammunition

    Ammunition is applied to all weapons brought on the mission. it lasts for the entire mission *Name:* Armor Piercing I *Effect:* *Cost:* 1000C *Name:* Armor Piercing II *Effect:* *Cost:* 2000C *Name:* Armor piercing III *Effect:* *Cost:* …

  • Warfare

    Combat is fought in turns, each lasting 6 seconds, so that 10 turns take a minute. A character can take two half-turn actions and a free action. h4. Actions in Combat Semi-Auto shot: Half-turn action, a single shot from your firearm. Burst shot: …

  • Missions

    Missions are dangerous adventures usually with 3 objectives but separated into 10 waves. A wave is an encounter (usually combat)

  • Kinetic Shields and Barriers

    "Kinetic barriers are repulsive mass effect fields projected from tiny emitters. These shields safely deflect small objects traveling at rapid velocities. This affords protection from bullets and other dangerous projectiles, but still allows the user to …

  • Weapon Damage Bonus

    A character's Weapon Damage Bonus (or WDB) modifies his weapon damage. All instances of WDB add together before applying to the damage of the weapon. so a 50% damage bonus combined with a 25% damage bonus and a 10% damage bonus all add up to 85%

  • Melee Damage Bonus

    A character’s Melee Damage Bonus (or MDB) modifies his Melee damage. All instances of MDB add together before applying to the damage of the melee attack. so a 50% damage bonus combined with a 25% damage bonus and a 10% damage bonus all add up to 85%

  • Capacity

    Capacity is the measure of how many uses a gun gets out of a thermal clip, plus how many thermal clips can be carrier on armor before sacrificing armor integrity. EX: Capacity: 32 (5 Thermal Clips) means a character can fire 32 rounds before needing to …

  • Recoil Modifier

    The Recoil Modifier is the measure of a burst fire or automatic weapon's accuracy with follow up shots. Basically the higher the modifier the harder it is to get additional shots to hit the target. Weapon mods and powers can modify this number.

  • Shotgun

    Shotguns are high damage weapons that shred enemies with a blast of pellets at close range. Used for hunting and for CQC. [[Range]] Increment: Short: 5M, Medium: 10M Long: 20M Extreme 40M

  • Pistol

    Heavy Pistols are incredibly versatile weapons. The heavier pistols usually deal enough damage to be worth the trade off, while the lighter models can be taken as a reliable backup weapon without significantly affecting cooldowns. There are also some …

  • Sniper Rifle

    Sniper rifles are precision weapons designed to take out enemies at long ranges. [[Range]] Increment: Short: 20M, Medium: 40M Long: 80M Extreme 160M

  • Cover

    The cover between the attacker and his target plays a role in his chance to hit. Each Step up cover chart decreases the attacker’s chance to hit. *Cover* Low Cover: -20% Medium: -60% Full Cover: -100%