A War is Coming

Into the Darkness at the Edge of the Galaxy is a mass effect game system of my own creation. mostly based on the power system of the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. The D% system is my own design. Character creation and modification DOES require some math, specifically Fitness and Training powers, along with armor mods, and weapon mods. Also, the Health pools and potential damage of the weapons is high so a calculator might be used. (Not required mind you it is all addition/subtraction)

The heart of the system is simple. there is a target number, modified by bonuses and penalties. roll lower than that number and you succeeded in your task, be it an Attack or a Skill roll.

This is just the system rules, not a setting. If running a campaign using this system i can choose any time during the three games, before or even after (although it’d be possible that none of the bad guys are alive after, and would have to make a different bestiary)

One of the great things about the Mass Effect games was the freedom and decision making that went with them. so many possibilities were open. The galaxy expanded before you as the player, and you were given free rein to go where you chose. This system hopes to capture that feeling of freedom.

Good luck N7.

The Darkness At The Edge Of The Galaxy